What inspired this trip?

In 2007 Perry and I drove across the country with our daughter to get her car to or from college in Allentown PA. We crossed through Ohio and stopped at a hotel in Perrysburg, OH. That sparked Perry to look at an atlas and discover several towns with his somewhat unusual name. He then found Perry County, TN, and discovered the county seat was Lobelville! We joked at the time that at some point we should go visit every town named Perry in the country. Then we forgot about the idea until the pandemic gave us plenty of time to think about travel and places we have never been. We decided to go for it, and rent an R.V. Due to the length of our trip we decided we wanted to be in a larger R.V. so we contacted All Star Coaches in Florida and rented a Holiday Rambler Navigator, along with a driver who knows how to handle the large 41′ vehicle.

On Apr. 30th we will fly to Orlando, and May 1st meet our driver, load in our provisions and hit the road. Follow along as we share our stories, photos and a little of the people of these mostly small towns as we pass through twelve towns sharing Perry’s name.

Sunset with Gilly

Perry and Diana Lobel live in Irvine, CA and have visited all 7 continents, but not every state in the U.S. They share a love of nature, Pokemon Go, and their 2 year old labradoodle, Gilly.

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8 thoughts on “What inspired this trip?

  1. I hope you have a fantastic time on your trip. I’ll be thinking of you as you send your way across the country and look forward to reading your posts. I’m pleased that Gilly will be representing the Lobel’s on the schleps.

  2. This is fantastic!! I love reading all about your adventures!!! Thanks for capturing everything, so we can travel along with you virtually!

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