May the Fourth, Star Wars Day

We stayed at a campground outside of Charleston that was very rustic this time. This one is in a large county park, and unlike some of our other campgrounds, this has miles of trails and several lakes as well as a dog park and water splash zone, which opens in a few weeks.

Bessie with her sliders out, for optimal space inside.

We have learned that people in campgrounds are very friendly, and as they drive or walk through are likely to wave and say hello. Due to the weather the past 24 hours or so we have not spent much time outside at the campground, but hope to squeeze in a walk in the morning.

You may have heard about strong storms along the Atlantic and in the midwest the past few days. We have luckily skirted them so far, but certainly got brushed by one last night when the skies opened and poured buckets for a few hours. We did hear thunder but it never got too close and we actually slept very well.

We made several trips into Charleston today, the first to take a walk and then find a store to pick up some necessities. We drove into the suburbs to find a Target store, and then came back to the RV in time for another drenching. Tonight we had dinner reservations at one of our favorite restaurants anywhere, it is called Husk and is in downtown Charleston. For the first time in well over a year we went into a restaurant to eat. The restaurant had removed many tables and we were there for the early seating so it was around 1/4 full. The food was as good as I remember from our last visit, around 3 years ago. We started with Pimento Cheese and crackers, Charred Broccoli and Asparagus with Blue Cheese “fondue” and then had chicken and duck for our entrees. Dessert was especially good. I think the cheesecake was probably the best I have ever had. Perry had a poppyseed cake that was also exceptional. They each had a granita on the plate to temper the sweetness of the actual dessert.

Perry’s Poppyseed Cake from Husk, in Charleston

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    1. Yes, although the first night I was a little uneasy, knowing we were in an RV park, all by ourselves in a huge RV. We have seen the movie “Twister” enough times to know that things don’t stay motionless in a tornado.

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