May 6th, Charlotte to Marion NC

After a somewhat anxious night, wondering if Bessie was going to need to be sent off to service for a few days and how we would handle that we spoke to Von who had located a truck mechanic who said they would look at her electrical system and try to determine why the slide-out was not working.

Von showed up (he had to take an Uber back to the campground from his hotel) and tried one thing he hadn’t thought of. The bed in the bedroom shrinks back against the wall to help the slide-out retract. It turns out that when the bed was put away yesterday it was not locked all the way up. The failsafe had prevented the pull out from doing its job but the problem was solved. Huzzah, we had a hallway again!

We started toward our campsite for the night, located in Marion, NC and along the route we came to our first traffic jam since we left Orlando. A garbage truck had caught fire, so we spent about an hour stopped on the freeway. We traveled through the southern Appalachian mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway, known for its scenery.

Traffic happens out of the city too!

After a stop at Walmart for provisions, we headed up the hill in Marion, NC along a stream lined winding road. Near the bottom was a lake, named Lake Tahoma, behind a dam.

Lake Tahoma, fed by Buck Creek

After about 5 miles of winding road we reached our campground, Mountain Stream RV Park. A very family friendly camp, the campsites back right up to a trout filled stream. For hours this afternoon some young boys were fishing for trout, and they managed to bring in a few, quickly catching and releasing them. Bread seems to be the best bait for catching trout here, as the boys not only caught several trout each, they also attracted swarms of fingerling trout that were too small to get hooked.

Trout Fishing in Buck Creek

Here is a photo Perry took a little bit upstream from where we are camped, showing the stream that feeds into Buck Creek.

And here is some RV humor, courtesy of Mountain Stream RV Park.

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  1. It’s amazing how sometimes the simplest actions can solve problems with technology. Glad you guys figured out the slide-out.

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