May 3rd, off to Savannah and Charleston

Today’s travel takes us northeast from Georgia into South Carolina. We stopped in Savannah for a couple of hours, and visited the Perry Lane Hotel, located on…you guessed correctly, Perry Lane. The rooftop bar there is called the Peregrin and we felt it calling to us. Savannah was only a short drive from Metter, GA where we stayed last night so we were at the Perry Lane Hotel by noon.

Not sure why the hotel is called Perry Lane, but clearly sits on Perry Street. Confusing!

The Peregrin (and yes they spell it without the”E”) offers lovely views of the surrounding old town Savannah. When we spoke to the bartender and asked if they offer a drink called the Perry he sighed and said that when they opened he had invented one, but he was late to the naming party and by the time he proposed his drink they already had selected drinks using a similar taste profile and so he had  invented a different one on the menu. I selected the one that made the cut for the menu- called Pillar of Keys, which contained pineapple juice, vodka and a spritz of chili infusion. Perry’s was very similar, but contained tequila and passion fruit juice the chili infusion, and his was called…wait for it…Passion of Perry Lane!

Peregrin Bar, Perry Lane Hotel, Savannah. It was a very hip bar and we might have been the only people there without tattoos.
Perry enjoying his “Passion of Perry Lane”

We have toured in Savannah before so we really did not do a lot of sightseeing today, except for a walk in the area right around the hotel.

The streets in Savannah are lined with beautiful mature trees. I love this church’s spire poking through the clouds.

From Savannah we traveled to Charleston Airport to pick up a rental car for our use for the next couple of days. We will be here near Charleston until Wednesday, and our driver has some time off. For those who wonder, he stays in a hotel each night, or in the case of last night where our campsite was far from town and there was no Uber service, he rented a small cabin at the campground and stayed there.

I will take advantage of the down time the next few days and finish some of my research on the coming towns named Perry. You may remember our friend Flat Christy, who I mentioned in an earlier post. For one reason or another she has spent a lot of time in the RV the last few days. Mostly this is due to the fact that water might damage her, but she will make an appearance in the coming days. Christy took another trip with us a few years ago, also in a virtual manner. We sailed through the Northwest Passage and she accompanied us on several of our excursions. The three dimensional version of Christy is an old friend and my former stand partner, and former leader of the viola section in the orchestra in which I play. She likes to play other things besides viola, so we let Christy play on a slide this morning at our campground before we left Georgia.

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5 thoughts on “May 3rd, off to Savannah and Charleston

  1. Thank you for the update, and the christy slide is awesome. Hope she had fun

  2. I love your inclusion of flat Christie!!!!! You make me smile every time I read your post

  3. I love Savannah I remember it from when we visited Sea Island during the family trip

  4. Loved visiting Savannah when we went to Sea Island during the family trip. Enjoying the posts!

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