May 21- Perry, UT

We woke up after our fabulous night of sleep and headed out into a windstorm. We had been sort of skirting a storm all day the previous day, having periods of rain, and many wind gusts which can be daunting when driving in a large high profile vehicle. The road was in great shape, as we were mostly on I-70 and then I-15. The scenery was interesting- arid desert with sandstone mounds and cliffs:

Hwy 15 in Southern Utah hs miles of sage brush and mounds and cliffs of sandstone.

We headed up through mountain passes, down again and then back up. We saw parts of Salt Lake City, including the Great Salt Lake and then we finally came to our destination, Perry UT!

Flat Christy joined us for the welcome sign in Perry, UT.

We had an early dinner at Maddox’s Steakhouse, the first steakhouse in the state of Utah. It features bison on the menu, and also outside in a pen.

Maddox’s steakhouse is a good choice for a hearty dinner, but not the best place to live if you are a bison, as you are featured on the menu.

This is our final Perry post for this trip. The next few days will be spent in the Zion National Park area and then we head home.

We have tours planned so will be not be posting for a few days.


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