May 19th-Using library wifi so must be brief/ Perry Pun results are in!

Thanks so much fo everyone who entered the Perry Pun contest. The judges have decided to award three first place medals, to Richard Lobel (cause nepotism goes a long way), Wing Pattinli, and to Jamie Ko. And finally a special themed prize to Sheila Yoon for her Perry-graph of Pokémon puns. Winners, please let me know if you prefer a cap or a t-shirt, and what size shirt. They are unisex.

We are in Estes Park, Colorado, and our r.v. site has a router from before they were invented, that does not allow me to log in or view comments, so please be patient for a few days while we head through the Rockies.

Thanks for all the kind comments every one. I will read and respond again in a few days.

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