May 17th Bye-bye Toto and Dorothy; Hello, Perry NE?

Today was a long day of driving on long straight roads. Our r.v. site last night was in Chapman, KS, which you might have heard of. It was hit by a damaging EF4 tornado in 2016.

We arrived in NE in the late afternoon, and drove into McCook which is the large town next to Perry, NE. Walmart is the easiest place to buy groceries when you are in an RV, the parking lots are large, and at Walmart Supercenters you can even park for free overnight. We picked up a few groceries and popped back into Bessie for the five minute drive to Perry, Nebraska.

Wikipedia describes Perry as an unincorporated town in Red Willow County. Our GPS took us there and this is what we found:

This is where Google directed us for Perry, NE. We did enter it technically, as we turned around in their driveway.

After we turned around in the driveway of that house (hoping that we weren’t going to get plugged with shotgun pellets), we drove back across some railroad tracks and found this sign:

A sign that says Perry, near Perry, NE

That, my friends is Perry, NE.

So, in absence of info and stories, here are some photos we never got around to sharing:

Windmills producing electricity in Kansas. The sky was threatening and we had a few gully washers of rain as we drove.
Nebraska is slightly less flat than Kansas.

Oh, I wanted to mention tall prairie grass and the Flint Hills. As we crossed Kansas the other day we went through some hills, and noticed signs proclaiming Tall Prairie Grass regions. I did some reading and found out that early settlers were not able to farm these hills, called the Flint Hills because of all the rocks, specifically flint. As a result the native prairie grass is intact in this area, as it has only been used for cattle grazing. There are several large reserves, including some overseen by the nature conservancy in the area. I would love to learn more and go back and visit someday.


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