May 11th, Perry County, MO and Perryville, MO and no mo!

Perry County, MO like many of these Perry communities was named after Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, a great hero of the war of 1812. The first non-natives to visit were the French, coming south from Canada, they described the first landmark in the area sometime after 1673. After the French and Indian War, (1754-1763) the land was given to the Spanish who brought Delaware and Shawnee Indians to the area to help with relations with the local Osage Indians. The Spaniards created land grants and eventually secretly sold the land back to France, which became part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1819 some Methodists came and established a church in the area. They were followed by Presbyterians from North Carolina. The presence of the Presbyterians made it easy for German Lutherans to come who left Europe because of the financial situation and overcrowding at the time. More Germans came, along with Spaniards, English, Polish and Dutch immigrants. Now the county boasts of its German heritage and offers a few Saxon Lutheran special events.

Perryville was the first city in the county, and the home of the first courthouse in the area. The courthouse is still the center of downtown, located in historic courthouse square. It is the County Seat.

We took a few pictures as we entered Perry County, and entered Perryville.

Another city limits sign, this one is fairly informative

There were two water towers, this one was more commanding.

We then went to Stonie’s Sausage Shop, established in 1959. Stonie’s boasts of over 40 varieties of Bratwurst, and we picked up some to grill tomorrow night. Their sandwiches were very highly rated online. I spoke to the very friendly young woman who worked there. She recommended we visit the life sized replica of the Vietnam Veteran’s memorial that was dedicated in 2019. Alas the road was calling and we left without seeing it.

Looking forward to grilling these bad boys. I found this t-shirt for Perry too.

If I get another chance to return to Perryville I would go to the Center Park, and the Vietnam Memorial.

Finally, here is a cute pic of my sister and nephew, sporting some Perry or Bussed swag. If you are interested in a t-shirt or cap, stay tuned for a contest in the next few days, featuring some really bad puns.

My sister, Jan and my nephew, Nicky Volkert. Nick is not just a talented opera singer- he designed our logo! Thanks and bravo, Nick!
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