It’s getting real

Today we drive down to San Diego, about an hour from our house. We will stay in a hotel near the airport and then have an early morning flight to Orlando on Friday morning. Friday we stay in a hotel near Orlando airport, and then on Saturday we meet our driver, load in on the vehicle, and hit the road.

I have spent the past few days packing and repacking suitcases. Because we will be in both Florida, and the Rocky Mountains clothing choices have been complicated. Our guides in the Denver area caution us to be prepared for temps below freezing. I finally pulled a single pair of socks out of one of the suitcases and felt like I had lessened our load as much as possible. Perry is a minimalist as far as what to bring so no doubt we will be purchasing something he didn’t;t think he would need. I, on the other hand, am prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

Time for this zombie to go pack my laptop. More tomorrow.

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