5th of May Charleston to Perry, SC and Beyond

We rose early this morning so we could take advantage of the nice park where we have stayed the past two nights. St James Island County Park has many amenities including many trails. It hosts a triathlon once a year as well as a variety of music festivals and other gatherings. We started our walk, planning to loop around and maybe walk a mile, but based on the ways the trails looped and crossed roads that all looked the same we got a little more walk in than we planned. We probably walked 3 miles or so. It was a lovely walk and I’m so glad we did it.

This was one of many waterways at the county park we stayed in.

We picked up bagels this morning from Bagel Nation, and bought a few extra to keep in the freezer for the coming mornings. They were pretty good bagels.

On the road after we dropped off our rental car, we chose to head south a little and catch Hwy. 26 North toward Perry, SC.

One of the smaller Perry communities we will pass through, Perry, SC boasted only around 100 households and a population of around 235 people in the 2000 US Census. A part of the greater Augusta, GA metropolitan area it is located in Aiken County. In researching it I found that it is served by the Aiken Public Library System. That is how we chose the Aiken Library as a charity to support in Perry, SC.

Well our drive through Perry, SC was short and that is all. We pulled over on the two lane highway, took a pic with the sign and scampered back to the vehicle to get moving to avoid getting clobbered from behind.

Flat Christy made an appearance at this roadside sign in Perry, SC.

After that we drove on to Charlotte, had dinner at Manchester 1812, a British Style Pub where we enjoyed fried pickles for the first time.

Fried pickles are a thing. A very tasty thing. Served with a side of ranch, the combo of salt, acid and grease is just right.

As we attempted to navigate the somewhat narrow streets of Charlotte, Von hit a curb as we made a left turn. The glassware in the cupboards complained, and we were happy to have remembered to lock the refrigerator. The microwave popped open and the large glass plate inside started to fly out but Perry popped up and caught it and closed the microwave in one smooth move. All was well, and we continued on to our campground at a nature preserve.

This is when the fun began. I had promised you a tour of Bessie but today she is not behaving well so I do not want to share her right now. There are three “slide outs” on Bessie, that basically expand her from her usual width to twice that in several places, including the living room/ kitchen, the bedroom and the hallway between the two.  When we got to our campsite tonight the slide out that operates in the hallway was stuck closed. So our bedroom is fine, our bed is expanded perfectly, the kitchen/ living area is roomy. But the hallway between the two is stuck in its narrow position, so I can barely squish myself down the hall right now. I have to open and slide various doors to make a tiny bit of extra room to get through at all.

I look happier in this photo than I feel. At the end of this tiny hallway there is a doorway, so the aperture narrows. I had to really squish my girth to get into the bedroom.

So ends our day in Charlotte.

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  1. I did a habitat for humanity spring break near Augusta, GA. 1000 ppl built 25 houses in a week. I hope they still stand 😬

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